equityhealth™ | Solution Overview
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Solution Overview

EquityHealth™ delivers simple, defined, and price transparent healthcare solutions that address as much as 65% of healthcare spend


“Simplified Healthcare” is outcome and price defined. It realigns payment incentives to drive better results and lower costs.

EquityHealth™ connects patients and providers with bundled and value-based care solutions that are easy to understand and price transparent.

Our format reduces non-productive overhead associated with Fee-For-Service billing which allows providers to lower fees without negatively effecting their income.


300 analysis points from public and private claims data defines best provider options0


EquityHealth benefits TPA’s, Pension Funds, Employers, etc. by addressing high cost chronic conditions, episodic care (joint replacements, maternity, etc.), and diagnostics (MRI, CT, etc.) with more efficient and price defined outcomes.

Aligning providers that historically deliver better outcomes with bundled care and defined pricing is a proven solution. A unique direct payment format gives providers the ability to better manage practice resources for improved efficiency and income.

Increasing value by reducing administrative costs associated with fee-for-service billing and collecting is a benefit for providers and patients.

Integrated and price defined solutions, efficient practice models, and direct, 4-day payment is a proven delivery format that benefits healthcare providers and patients.