equityhealth™ | Individuals/Families and Employees
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Individuals/Families and Employees

EquityHealth™ is your gateway to Better healthcare, Highly rated providers, Transparent pricing, and Lower costs.


Save time and money with an intuitive interface.

In the same way that quality makes a difference for important items you purchase, your healthcare choices should be quality defined as well.

Quickly find the best provider for the procedure you need.

EquityHealth™ delivers quality and value !

Take advantage of this benefit as a consumer, employee, or pension constituent.

Fixed payment healthcare services that cover the entire episode of care: no surprises / defined cost.

Higher deductibles and increased co-pays are much easier to manage when you know the cost before you buy.

Our goal is for your important and sometimes significantly costly healthcare needs to be as clearly defined as any other major purchase !

Healthcare savings of up to 25% and more

The EquityHealth™ Marketplace; gives you price defined healthcare solutions from highly rated providers.


The healthcare you need: qualified physicians / transparent pricing