Common Frustrations Experienced by Most Employers:

Unsustainable Cost increases
Lack of price and quality transparency
No alignment of self-interest between Employer/Employee and Insurance Plans/Providers
Perception of lack of control over Plan Construction
Perception of lack of control over Employee’s consumption decisions
(Mis-) Perception of alignment of self-interest between Employer and Employees
Inconsistent and uncontrolled safety and quality of health services
Under utilization of high value primary and preventive care
Excessive and avoidable Waste (including Overtreatment), Overspending, Unnecessary Risk, and Surprise Medical bills

How can EquityHealth help?

EquityHealth offers high-value, low risk ‘baby steps’ for Self-Insured Employers. This allows the Broker to lower the barrier to engagement with the Employer and accelerate momentum toward more substantial changes.

EquityHealth’s offering includes:

Detailed analysis of remittance data to identify specific target areas to control costs (i.e. overspending, over-utilization, and surprise medical bills).

A Transparent Medical Marketplace where Employers can incentivize high-value consumption decisions.

Employee Engagement, Empowerment, Literacy, and Educational tools and content.

We don’t seek to replace anything that’s already in place and working.  Our goal is to fill the gaps.

Equity Health Employer Value Proposition
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