EquityHealth™ focuses on the 3 core issues that drive 80% of your spend.

It’s the Quality of Care, not the network, that most critically impacts up to 80% of your overall cost for surgeries and episodes of care.

Your healthcare must align your Employees with high-performing Physicians and value-defined healthcare.

Healthcare Solutions that fit the following categories of care impact up to 80% of Employers, Pension, and health plan spend.

• Chronic Conditions (Diabetes, Cardiac, Respiratory)

• Episodic Care (Joint Replacements, Maternity, etc.)

• Diagnostics (MRI, CT, etc.)

EquityHealth addresses these issues and gives you the opportunity to regain management control of your health care costs along with improved quality of care.

EquityHealth delivers the opportunity to engage, educate, and incentivize your employees to become quality conscious and involved health care consumers. Involved decisions for improved care benefit you, your employees, and your bottom line.

We make the health of your employees a strategic asset.

Employee health is a high-margin opportunity. There’s real money to be made in reducing employees’ health care spend and improving outcomes. Rising costs have not delivered real improvement in your workers’ health care outcomes.

Let us help you get it done!

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