We are a group of seasoned, like-minded individuals who feel that healthcare needs disruptive change and who have broad foundations of experience in building, establishing, and expanding business endeavors. Our expertise goes from ground breaking to successful enterprise and broadly spans business and healthcare endeavors.

Each of us has had numerous successful endeavors in the past and believe that applying our experiences and the knowledge we have gained toward an industry that is in the midst of significant and needed change is an exciting opportunity to combine skill sets to create solutions which can dramatically benefit others.

Our goal is to work toward a more simplified approach for efficient delivery of healthcare services. We do this by remaining focused on the two most important individuals in any transaction, the buyer and the seller. This may sound simplistic for an industry that is known for having a complex, entrenched, and well-defined structure on how things get done but we are confident there is huge opportunity now to simplify and improve the equation.

We are excited about the challenge and look forward to you being a part of what we are confident will be a a rewarding opportunity of realigning healthcare for the benefit of both doctors and patients (consumers), employers and society as a whole.

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